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*Named a Most Anticipated Book of the Year by Salon, Vulture, Chicago Review of Books
LGBTQReads, and Electric Literature.

*Goodreads, A Buzziest Debut Novel of the Year

“Mirabella writes about the strange land between fable and reality, and this novel deftly explores the surreal undertones of familiar themes like love and loyalty. Part fantastical horror, part road trip narrative, Brother & Sister Enter the Forest is an uncanny portrait of the lengths we go to protect the people we love.”  -Isle McEroy, Vulture, A Most Anticipated Book of the Year

“Told with an incredibly steady hand, this novel dissects a tense sibling relationship. Carefully detangling life-shattering events from the pair’s past, the book manages to look straight at its characters and show the shadows behind them. Like the careful dioramas that the sister makes in her spare time, this book is an exquisite creation, made carefully and precisely.” —Bustle, A Most Anticipated Book of the Year

“A strange, beautiful, and memorable book.” —Adam Vitcavage, Debutiful

“Mirabella’s debut novel—about a pair of once-close siblings and how the bruises of their youth swell into adulthood—is both bracing and a balm, his softly disarming sentences like cotton puffs that absorb the pain of deep cuts.” —Michelle Hart, Electric Literature

"This is a gorgeous novel--full of mystery, dread and a deep, melancholy understanding of what it means to love someone who is mentally ill. I was completely captivated." -Dan Chaon, author of SLEEPWALK.

"Riveting, relentless. A novel of calm and chilling reserve and accomplishment."

- Joy Williams, author of HARROW

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